Tara's Sindarin Phrasebook

A Note about Sindarin Phrases:

Lack of attested vocabulary in Sindarin results in the need to use unattested, reconstructed, or constructed words. I will try to note when a word is unattested. This is a difficult language to learn and I am fallible. If you believe I have made an error, please let me know via email.

A Note about Grelvish:

The Grey Company is a group of computer game role-players who wanted to emulate Tolkien's Elves of Middle-earth, but found the languages too difficult to learn. So they took a pinch of Quenya and a tablespoon of Sindarin, then stirred in a cup of nonsense, a spoonful of indifference, and a pinch of disdain. The result is not-so-affectionately referred to as "Grelvish" by those who study Tolkien's work; it makes a mockery of his brilliant linguistic skills.

Unfortunately for those wishing to write stories about Elves or role-play an Elven character, the choices have been to use those phrases, spend months learning the actual language, or use no elvish at all. Thus Grelvish has spread throughout the internet, often to completely unsuspecting fans of Tolkien's mythos. I offer here Sindarin translations of the list of Elven Phrases created by the Grey Company, in addition to other phrases that may be of use. (I confess, some of their phrases are so absurdly unelven I will not translate them.)

Please feel free to make use of these phrases, let your Elves be true to the tree-woven lands of Middle-earth.

~ Greetings ~ Farewells ~ Titles of Address ~ Conversation ~ Small-talk ~
~ Questions & Answers ~ Compliments ~ Romance ~ Endearments ~
~ Adventuring ~ Exclamations ~ Pleas/Entreaties ~ In Trouble ~
~ Insults ~ Threats ~ Battle Cries ~ Battle Phrases ~ Healing Spells/Chants ~
~ Professions ~ Days ~ Months ~ Seasons ~ Holidays ~ The Valar and Maiar ~

~ Greetings ~

Greetings (everyone/friend) ~ Suilad (penath/mellon) (can also use suil)
Well met ~ Mae govannen
Welcome ~ Mae tollen
Welcome home ~ Mae tollen na mar
Welcome back ~ Mae athollen
It is my joy to see you ~ Glass nín le/gen cened
It is my joy to see you again ~ Glass nín le/gen achened
A star shines on the occasion of our meeting ~ Êl síla nan lû e-govaded vín
It is my joy to meet you ~ Glass nín le/gen govaded
I haven't seen you for a long time ~ Anann le/gen ú-gennin
My heart sings to see you ~ Guren linna le/gen cened

~ Farewells ~ Back to the Top ~

Farewell ~ Navaer
Have a good journey ~ Garo lend vaer
I hope you will have a good journey ~ Harthon gerithach lend vaer
Good day/evening/night ~ Aur/aduial/fuin vaer
Have a good day/evening/night ~ Garo aur/aduial/fuin vaer
Good hunting ~ Rui/farad vaer
Fair winds ~ Suil vain
May useful winds speed you on ~ Hortho le huil vaer
I hope you will have kind seas ~ Harthon gerithach aeair vilui
Sweet waters and light laughter until next we meet ~ Nîn velui a lalaith veren nalú en-agovaded vín
I hope you will have green paths and a breeze behind you ~ Harthon gerithach raid gelin a chwest adel thraw lín
I hope you will have green and golden paths ~ Harthon gerithach raid gelin a melthin
May the leaves of your life tree never wither ~ Pelo nalú i laiss en-Galadh Guil lín
My heart shall weep until I see thee again ~ Guren nallatha nalú achenin le
Nothing will stop the weeping of my heart until our reunion ~ Unad nuithatha i nîr e-guren nalú aderthad vín
Rest well ~ Hodo vae
Sleep well ~ Losto vae
Sweet dreams ~ Elei velui
May you dream well tonight ~ Oltho vae ne fuin hen
I hope to see you there ~ Harthon cened le ennas
I hope to see you at this time ~ Harthon cened le nan lû hen

~ Titles of Address ~ Back to the Top ~

My friend/friends ~ mellon/mellyn nín
My son/daughter ~ ion/iell nín
My father/mother ~ adar/naneth nín
My dad/mom ~ ada/nana nín
My brother/sister ~ muindor/muinthel nín
My sworn brother/sister ~ gwador/gwathel nín
My husband/wife ~ hervenn/hervess nín
My Lord/Lady ~ hîr/hiril nín or brannon/brennil nín
Foe of my foe ~ coth o chothen
Friend of my friend ~ mellon o mellonen
Little father (dwarf) ~ adar dithen
Bearded one (dwarf) ~ fangon
Mighty one ~ belegron/belegril (m/f)
Valiant one ~ gornon/gornil (m/f)
Ancient one ~ iaron/iaril (m/f)
Wise one ~ saelon/saelil (m/f)
Loyal one ~ sadron/sadril (m/f)
My champion/hero ~ thalionen/thalielen (m/f)

~ Conversation ~ Back to the Top ~

Yes ~ Maer ("good")
No! ~ Baw!
What is your name? ~ Man i eneth lín?
___ is my name ~ ___ i eneth nín
I'm ___ ~ im ___
Please ~ iesten ("My wish")
Thanks ~ Le hannon
You're welcome ~ Glassen ("My joy")
Well done ~ Mae carnen
I understand ~ Henion
I don’t understand ~ Ú-chenion
I'm sorry ~ Naethen ("My sorrow”)
Forgive me ~ Goheno nin
As you wish ~ Be iest lín
Don’t worry ~ Avaro naeth ("Don’t have woe”)
What news? ~ Man siniath?

~ Small Talk ~ Back to the Top ~

How are you? ~ Manen le?
I’m fine/good/well ~ Im maer
I’m not fine/good/well ~ Im úvaer
I’m happy ~ Im meren
I’m sad/gloomy ~ Im dem
I’m tired ~ Im penorven
I’m sick/ill ~ Im caeleb
I’m cold ~ Im ring
I’m hot ~ Im urui

~ Questions & Answers ~ Back to the Top ~

Who? ~ Ma?
What? ~ Man?
When? ~ Mar?
Where? ~ Mas?
Why? ~ Amman?
How? ~ Manen?
What is your name? ~ Man i eneth lín?
What is his/her name? ~ Man i eneth hún/hín?
What did you say? ~ Man pennich? What did he/she say? ~ Man so/se pent?
What did you see? ~ Man cennich? What did he/she see? ~ Man so/se cenn?
What do you see? ~ Man cenich? ~ What does he/she see? ~ Man so/se cên?
How are you? ~ Manen le? How is he/she? ~ Manen so/se?
Where are you going? ~ Mas ledhiach? Where is he/she going? ~ Mas ledhia?
Where are we going? ~ Mas ledhiam? Where are they going? ~ Mas sy ledhiar?
Why do you go? ~ Amman ledhiach?
Where are you [coming] from? ~ Ledhiach o man sad? Where is he/she [coming] from? ~ Ledhia o man sad?

~ Compliments ~ Back to the Top ~

You have a heart like a lion. ~ Gerich ‘ûn sui raw
You are a mighty and brave warrior ~ Le maethor veleg a gornui
You are a skilled and sharp-eyed archer ~ Le pengron vaen a maecheneb
You are beautiful like a rainbow ~ Le bain sui ninniach
Your radiance shines like the moon ‘Law lîn síla sui Ithil
Love sparkles in your eyes ~ Meleth thilia min hin lín
Your radiant eyes conquered my heart ~ Hin gelair lín orthernir 'uren
Your beautiful face took my breath away ~ Thîr vain lín darn thûl nín
Your eyes are as beautiful as moonlight on the Sea ~ Hin lín bain sui Ithilgalad buin Aear
Your eyes are blue like the summer sky ~ Hin lín luin sui venel laer
You look good/joyous/beautiful ~ Thiach maer/meren/main
Your beauty shines brightly ~ Baneth lín síla celair
You are beautiful/so beautiful ~ Le bain/bainon

~ Romance ~ Back to the Top ~

I love you ~ Le melin
I will always love you ~ Le uivelin
I will love you forever ~ Le melithon anuir
My heart is in your hands ~ Guren min gaim lín
I believe/trust in you ~ Estelion allen
Trust in me ~ Estelio enni
You enchant me ~ Nin lithiach
Your song touches my spirit/my heart ~ Laer lín matha faeren/'uren
You lift up my heart when you look at me ~ Orthach 'uren ir tirach enni

~ Endearments ~ Back to the Top ~

My beloved/dear ~ Mell nín, Muin nín
My love ~ Meleth nín
Love of my life ~ Meleth e-guilen

~ Adventuring ~ Back to the Top ~

Silence! ~ Dîn!
Listen! ~ Lasto!
Look! ~ Tiro!
Halt! ~ Daro!
Come! ~ Tolo!
Come in/Enter ~ Minno
Stand ~ Erio ("rise")
Flee! ~ Drego!
Run! ~ Noro!
Rest! ~ Hodo
Wait! ~ Dartho
(any above can be followed with hí "here", ennas "there", hi "now")
Follow me! ~ Aphado nin!
Sit down ~ Havo dad

~ Exclamations ~ Back to the Top ~

Alas! ~ Nae!
At last! ~ Na vedui!
Stars! ~ Elo! (an exclamation of wonder, similar to “wow!” but more poetic)
Behold! ~ Alae!
No/Don’t! ~ Baw!
Ah/Oh! ~ Ae!
Be gone! ~ Ego!
By the Sea and Stars! ~ Nan Aear a Geil!
By the Valar! ~ Nan Belain!

~ Pleas, Entreaties ~ Back to the Top ~

May Eru protect me/us ~ Berio nin/ven Eru
May Varda watch over me/us ~ Tiro nin/ven Elbereth
May the Valar lead me/us to safety ~Tego nin/ven i Melain am mand
May Oromë be with me/us ~ No enni/ammen Araw
May Tulkas give me/us strength/courage/victory ~ Anno enni/ammen Enner vellas/gaun/dûr
Lord of the Wind, guide my arrow ~ Hîr e-Hûl, togo bilinn nín

~ Trouble ~ Back to the Top ~

I need help! ~ Boe enni dulu!
Help me! ~ Anno dulu enni!
I need a healer! ~ Boe enni nestron!

~ Insults ~ Back to the Top ~

Your head is empty ~ Dôl gín cofn or Dôl gín lost
Cowardly dog! ~ Hû úgaun!
Go kiss an orc! ~ Mítho orch!
You smell like an orc! ~ Gerich thû sui orch!
I hate you! ~ Gen ú-velin!
Listen to my laughter! ~ Lasto al lalaith nín!
A big wind pours from your mouth ~ Súlon gwanna nîf gín
Son of snakes! ~ Lýgion! or Ion lýg!
You disgust me! ~ Gen fuion!
You’re ugly and your mother dresses you ~ Thiach uanui a naneth gín gen hamma
You are stupid ~ Ce uchand
Orc lover! ~ Orvelethron/orvelethril! (m/f)
You look hideous! ~ Thiach uanui!

~ Threats ~ Back to the Top ~

I hope the Ents eat you! ~ Harthon in enyd gen medir!
I want to hurl you into the fires of Mt. Doom! ~ Aníron gen haded min noer Orodruin!
I'm going to hurl you into the fires of Mt. Doom! ~ Gen hedithon min noer Orodruin!

~ Battle Cries ~ Back to the Top ~

Death to the enemy! ~ Gurth enin goth!
Now to victory! ~ Si ath thûr!
Die, hideous creature! ~ Firo, ulunn!
Death to the orcs! ~ Gurth an Glamhoth!

~ Battle Phrases ~ Back to the Top ~

They're coming ~ Sy telir
Prepare the bows! ~ Tangado i chui!
My bow shall sing with your sword ~ Cû/Peng nín linnatha go vagol lín
Release the arrows! ~ Leithio i philinn!
Fire the arrows! ~ Hado i philinn!
Fight! ~ Maetho!
Swords! ~ Meigol!
Protect the horses! ~ Berio idh rych!
Protect the tower/city! ~ Berio i varad/vinas!
To the tower/wall! ~ Nan barad/ram!
Kill him/it! ~ Dago hon/han!
Look out! ~ Tiro!

~ Healing ~ Back to the Top ~

Golden Sun, may your warmth bring healing to this heart ~ Anor valthen, togo laugas lín nestad enin gûr hen
Great earth, may you give your strength to this body ~ Ceven dhaer, anno vellas lín enin 'raw hen
Western Winds, may your breath lift this spirit ~ Suil Annui, erio thûl lín i faer hen

~ Professions ~ Back to the Top ~

Commander ~ caun
Second-in-Command ~ taidron/taidril (m/f), taidor
Mayor, Ruler ~ condir/condis (m/f)
Assistant ~ tuluron/tuluril (m/f), tuluror
Calligrapher/Secretary ~ tegilbor
Judge ~ badhron/badhril (m/f), badhor
Bard ~ glirdan
Harper ~ talagan
Singer ~ linnon/linnil (m/f), linnor
Writer ~ teithron/teithril (m/f), teithor
Painter ~ eleidan
Teacher ~ istonon/istoneth (m/f), istonor
Narrator ~ pethron/pethril (m/f), pethor
Historian ~ pennathron/pennathril (m/f), pennathor
Librarian ~ parvon/parvil (m/f), parvor
Astronomer ~ meneldir/meneldis (m/f)
Apprentice ~ aphadon/aphadil (m/f), aphador
Journeyman ~ nathron/nathril (m/f), nathor
Healer ~ nestron/nestril (m/f), nestor
Herbmaster ~ salabir/salabis (m/f), salabor
Wizard ~ curunír/curunís, ithron/ithril (m/f), ithor
Magician ~ gollor
Warrior ~ maethron, maethril (m/f), maethor
Archer ~ pengron/pengril (m/f), pengor
Swordsman ~ magron/magril (m/f), magor
Knight ~ rochir/rochiril (m/f)
Spearthrower ~ hadron/hadril (m/f), hador
Slayer/Assassin ~ dagnír/dagnis (m/f)
Soldier ~ othon/othil (m/f), othor
Watcher/Guardian ~ tirn
Hunter ~ faron/faril (m/f), faror
Forester ~ toron/toril (m/f), tauror
Mountaineer ~ orodben
Rider ~ rochon/rochil (m/f), rochor
Sailor ~ cirion/ciriel (m/f)
Shipbuilder ~ círdan (pl. círdain)
Jewelsmith ~ mírdan (pl. mírdain)
Lampwright ~ calardan (pl. calardain)
Carpenter/woodwright ~ thavron/thavril (m/f)
Potter ~ cennan
Weaver ~ nathron/nathril (m/f), nathor
Gardener ~ sannan
Cook ~ aesdan
Servant ~ buiron/buiril (m/f)
Herald ~ singyll
Blacksmith ~ angdan
Armorer ~ barvdan
Metalsmith ~ tingdan
Weaponsmith ~ hatholdan
Peddler ~ bachron/bachril (m/f), bachor
Thief ~ celegam
Pilgrim, Wanderer ~ randír/randís (m/f)

~ Days of the Week ~ Back to the Top ~

Orgilion ~ Stars-day
Oranor ~ Sun-day
Orithil ~ Moon-day
Orgaladhad ~ Two-Trees-day (in Gondor: Orgaladh)
Ormenel ~ Heavens-day
Oraearon ~ Sea-day (in Gondor only)
Orbelain ~ Powers-day (a "High Day" of celebration/ceremony, like our Sunday)

~ Months of the Year ~ Back to the Top ~

January ~ Narwain (New-Sun)
February ~ Nínui (Watery)
March ~ Gwaeron (Windy)
April ~ Gwirith
May ~ Lothron (Flowering)
June ~ Nórui (Sunny/Fiery)
July ~ Cerveth
August ~ Urui (Hot)
September ~ Ivanneth (Fruit-giving)
October ~ Narbeleth (Leaf-falling)
November ~ Hithui (Misty/Foggy)
December ~ Girithron (Shuddering)

~ Seasons ~ Back to the Top ~

Echuir ~ Stirring/Awakening (Feb 1 - Mar 26)
Ethuil ~ Spring/Budding (Mar 29 – May 21)
Laer ~ Summer/Song (May 22 - Aug 1)
Iavas ~ Harvest (Aug 2 - Sep 24)
Firith ~ Fading (Sep 28 - Nov 20)
Rhîw ~ Winter (Nov 21 - Jan 31)

~ Holidays ~ Back to the Top ~

Maninor ~ First Day (March 28)
Ennyn Laer ~ The Gates of Summer (May 22)
Ethuilor ~ Spring-day (September 25)
Inenedh ~ Year-Middle (September 26)
Iavasor ~ Harvest-day (September 27)
Ennyn Rhîw ~ The Gates of Winter (November 21)
Penninor ~ Last Day (March 27)

~ The Valar and Maiar ~ Back to the Top ~

Manwë ~ Aran Einior "Elder King",Súlchir "Wind Lord", Súlgon "Wind Commander"
Varda ~ Elbereth "Star Queen", Gilthoniel "Star Kindler", Fanuilos "Everwhite Veil"
Aulë ~ Gaul "Inventor", Belegol "Great Inventor", Barthan "World Maker"
Yavanna ~ Ivann "Giver of Fruit"
Ulmo ~ Ulu "Pourer", Guiar, Uiar "Lord of the Enveloping Ocean
Mandos ~ Gurfannor "Master of Death", Bannos "Dread Imprisoner"
Oromë ~ Araw, Tauron "The Forester", Aran Tauron "The Forester King", Tauros "Forest Terror"
Nessa ~ Neth "The Young", Dineth "Young Bride"
Vána ~ Banwen "Beautiful Maiden"
Lórien ~ Luien "Land of Sleep and Dreams", Olfannor "Dream Master"
Estë ~ Îdh "Rest"
Vairë ~ Gwîr "Weaver"
Tulkas ~ Enner "The Masculine"
Nienna ~ Nienor
Ossë ~ Yssion "Foaming", Gaerys "Fearful Ossë", Aeros "Terror of the Sea"
Tilion ~ Elfaron "Star Hunter"

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