Inscribed on the pages of this tome you will find information about the Elves of Middle-earth and their language.

The Elves
The Sundering of the Elves, explaining what the tribes of Elves are called and where they came from
The Calendar of Imladris, including holidays, seasons, days of the week and more
Family Trees for The House of Finw, The House of Elw, the Kings of Nmenor and more

Sindarin ~ the spoken language of the Elves of Middle-earth
Tara's Sindarin Phrasebook with greetings, conversational speech, battle cries, etc.
Reconstructed Vocabulary ~ Reconstructed Verbs ~ Reconstructed Pronouns
Sindarin Grammar Lessons ~ Practice Exercises ~ Useful Tools ~ Helpful Links for More Information on Sindarin

Tengwar ~ the writing of the Elves
How to write Sindarin with Tengwar ~ Practice Exercises ~ Chart of Tengwar ~ Links to Tengwar Fonts
A Middle-earth map written entirely in Sindarin with tengwar

Tara's Translations
Tolkien verses ~ LoTR Movie Songs ~ Real Life Names ~ Miscellaneous Translations

Tara's Creative Writing
Poetry such as: A Gondolin! (O Gondolin!) ~ Reno Anuir (Remember Forever) ~ Atholed Aragorn (Aragorn's Return)
Short Stories such as: I Feredir (The Hunters) ~ Aderthad mi Imladris (Reunion in Rivendell)

Tara's Songs
Listen to Songs in Elvish:
A Elbereth Gilthoniel ~ Losto ~ Laer Orchenion
Glr Adh Rn ~ I Ven ~ I Veril ~ Laer Lebennin

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